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Full Stack Web Development with Remix

By Andre Landgraf

book iconPackt Publishing Ltd


Develop a web application while learning how to harness the capabilities of the web platform and advanced technologies for an exceptional user experience

Key Features
  • Create a full stack web application using cutting-edge technologies such as distributed edge deploy, Redis, and multi-region databases
  • Unlock the full potential of the web platform to enhance your React dev experience
  • Discover how Remix assists in building a seamless user experience from start to finish
  • Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook
Book DescriptionWe’re in an exciting era of web development marked by the rapid evolution of the JavaScript ecosystem. Remix offers the necessary abstractions to take advantage of the latest advancements in React and beyond. With this Remix book, you can elevate your skills from React development to full stack web development, unlocking the full potential of the latest technologies, such as edge functions, streaming, and the full stack of the web platform. This book guides you through Remix’s thoughtfully designed conventions, levers, and primitives to sharpen your web development skills. In this book, you’ll develop a personal finance management application—a dashboard that mimics both personal and enterprise use cases. Each chapter introduces new concepts, such as routing, data fetching, mutations, error handling, and state management, as well as advanced topics, such as real-time communication, edge deploys, and caching strategies to create a great user experience from end to end. As you apply each concept to the finance dashboard, you’ll discover how you can supercharge your React app with Remix. The final section of this book covers migration strategies, guiding you on how to transition an existing application to Remix. By the end of this book, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of Remix and the experience of building a full stack web app from start to finish.What you will learn
  • Understand Remix’s philosophy and guiding principles
  • Enhance your web platform proficiency to make it applicable anywhere
  • Master data mutations, routing, error handling, and state management with Remix
  • Understand how to build web apps with accessibility and progressive enhancement in mind
  • Get acquainted with advanced topics such as caching strategies, real-time communication, and developing for the edge
  • Understand state-of-the-art technologies, such as serverless functions, edge computing, and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
  • Study migration patterns to move an existing project to Remix
Who this book is forThis book is for React developers looking to adopt Remix for their next project. For those considering migrating to Remix, this guide offers a comprehensive walkthrough of building a full stack web app. To make the most of this book, beginner-level development experience with React and JavaScript is recommended. While having basic knowledge of server-side runtimes such as Node.js and experience with TypeScript can be beneficial, they are not mandatory prerequisites.

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